Cleaning your instruments

Cleaning tips

Fine surgical instruments should be cleaned immediately after use. Blood or saline solutions left on instruments for any length of time can quickly start corrosive action. Instruments can be cleaned manually or ultrasonically.

Manual or Ultrasonic always

Manual cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning


It is important that instruments are free of all traces of organic or other matter prior to sterilisation.


Hot Bead Sterilisation

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilisation

Safe Storage

Instruments should be stored so as to not touch one another and should be kept as clean and free of dust as possible. We have a range of instrument cases available.

Oxidisation (Rust)

All FST stainless steel surgical instruments are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel under strict European standards. Stainless steel instruments are immune from corrosion

Under unfavorable conditions instruments may oxidize because stainless steel that is exposed to physical, thermal or chemical manipulation may lose some of its stainless properties

To prevent corrosion always make sure you use instruments for their intended purpose and follow the guidelines outlined on this page for instrument care

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