11608-15 | Semken Forceps Straight Titanium 15cm

11608-15 | Semken Forceps Straight Titanium 15cm


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  • Tips: Serrated
  • Tip Shape: Straight
  • Tip Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.1mm
  • Alloy / Material: Titanium
  • Length: 15cm

Titanium instruments are over 40% lighter than equivalent stainless steel instruments, with better flexibility and strength. Elemental titanium (Ti) is a very strong, lustrous, white metal with a specific gravity of 4.54. Titanium and titanium alloys readily form stable protective surface layers, giving them excellent corrosion resistance to saltwater, laboratory saline solutions, blood and other bodily fluids, oxidizing acids, alkalis and chlorides. Titanium is 100% nonmagnetic; a great benefit when working with nerves. Its inherent surface oxide film provides bactericidal and non-allergenic properties. Titanium alloys can be heated up to 440 DegC (824 DegF).

Part No:  11608-15
Brand:  FST
Pack Size:  1/PK
UNSPSC Code:  41122409

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